Marshall E-Learning

Counter-Extremism eLearning for Universities

London (UK), March 2020 - This is one case study in the new counter-extremism eLearning course being commissioned by universities across the UK.

A young man is lonely, vulnerable, and is groomed by older men. His views become increasingly extreme, which leads to self-harm and violence. The said individual is white British, and his extremism takes the form of violent ultra-nationalism. The individual falls into self-harm.

This is just one of a number of case studies in which the common theme is safeguarding, irrespective of race and religion, is seen. 

Many universities are now adapting this counter-extremism eLearning training course from Marshall E-Learning because of a vacuum when it comes to credible, nuanced training on the prevent duty. 

"As diversity and inclusion specialists, our approach to the prevent duty was to link it to safeguarding," said David Marshall CEO of Marshall E-Learning.

The project was developed with UCL originally and has gone on to be commissioned by Exeter, Kings College London, and Sussex universities. It is now available in generic format for any university.

Michael Howard, one of the contributors to the course and a diversity consultant, alongside being expert on counter extremism said, "Extremism, regardless of its origin, continues to adversely impact society. It’s important that we are all aware and understand how to prevent and safeguard the growth of extremist views and actions".