Avallain and Pearson

Next-Generation Content for Game-Based Poptropica English

New York, NY (USA), October 2016 - Launched this year in China and other key markets, Poptropica English features an all-new range of stunning digital content, including varied interactions, quests, games, songs, and other media. The resources are fully blended with a groundbreaking, six-level primary course based on the children’s gaming phenomenon Poptropica.

The game’s characters, narratives, and settings are used throughout Poptropica English to achieve new heights of engagement and motivation. The seamlessly integrated learning resources from Avallain Author encourage students to practice and develop their language skills and support them in their learning. The result is a truly child-centred experience driven by the individual’s excitement, interest, and pace of learning. Teachers are supported, too, by Poptropica English’s teaching tools and enhanced data collection and analysis, which allow them to monitor their students’ progress and develop personalized learning journeys.

Matthew Dickin, Content Design and Production Director at Pearson, commented, "Poptropica English is a powerful blend of stimulating and rigorous learning content; effective tools for students and teachers; and the excitement, engagement, and motivation of a great gaming environment. The result is a rich and rewarding program delivered across media and devices that offers students and teachers a flexible, exciting way to learn and teach. We have been very excited by early responses from learners and educators, and we look forward to sharing Poptropica English ever more widely in the months and years to come."

A learning program that succeeds at challenging boundaries

Ignatz Heinz, Managing Director of Avallain, said, "We are truly delighted to be involved in a project that so successfully challenges boundaries between class and home-based learning, between print and digital, and between gaming and education. And we are proud, too, of the collaboration with Pearson. The initial rollout took just nine months, which is testimony to the strength of the partnership, the supreme efforts of the Pearson author team, and the versatility and efficiency of the Avallain Author platform."