Using e-Assessment to Enhance Student Learning

Barcelona (E), June 2016 - The ETHE journal is a publication with twelve years of history, published by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) since the beginning. The University of the Andes (Colombia) has recently been incorporated as co-editor. During the first stage, the journal was consolidated under the name of RUSC, "Journal of University and Knowledge Society". Since 2016, the internationalization of the journal has been strengthened by becoming published by the prestigious Springer group, at which point the journal opted for a change of name.

From an academic perspective, ETHE leads in the realm of the growing knowledge of the area of technologies applied to higher education and aims to be a vehicle for exchanging knowledge between professionals and researchers in the eLearning field.

The first monograph published during this new stage is now available in the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. It is entitled "Using e-Assessment to enhance student learning and evidence learning outcomes".

Co-edited by Geoffrey Crisp (University of New South Wales, Australia), Lourdes Guàrdia (Open University of Catalonia, Spain), and Mathew Hiller (Monash University, Australia), this special section attempts to show and expose some of the most recent proposals in e-assessment, which have moved beyond multiple-choice tests and true-false exercises.

Skills in high-level contexts can't be evaluated properly under the traditional parameters, and this is the reason for the appearance of new models based on e-assessment, which try to overcome the shortcomings of standardized methods.

This monograph prompts understanding of the impact of technology in all spheres of society, including the issue of e-assessment, that push to develop new strategies to respond the demands of the current context.