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Challenging the Learning Status Quo with 70:20:10

70:20:10Toronto (CA), November 2016 - Improving performance in the modern workplace requires learning-and-development professionals to reinvent themselves. The 70:20:10 Primer, a paper published in collaboration between the 70:20:10 Institute and learning-management-system provider Docebo, is a call to action for the corporate-training industry. 

The well-known 70:20:10 framework refers to the many ways that learning takes place within an organization. Advocates of the framework draw particular attention to the importance of informal learning that occurs through working and interactions with colleagues, as opposed to the traditional formal approach to learning that takes place in classrooms.

"Docebo is a leader in the industry, offering solutions that address all three parts of the 70:20:10 model," says Charles Jennings, one of the co-founders of the 70:20:10 Institute.

A collaborative effort between Docebo and the 70:20:10 Institute, this paper not only addresses how informal and formal learning work together, but also specifically explores the kinds of tasks that result in impactful learning, corrects misconceptions about the 70:20:10 framework that hold companies back, and introduces the new mindset required to achieve high performance in today’s business culture.

There is an urgent need for learning-and-development professionals to challenge entrenched practices that still pigeonhole them as the managers and deliverers of formal learning. This paper argues that they must redefine their roles to support and encourage the learning that is taking place all around them.

Leaders in the industry should view this research as a call to action, spurring them to take responsibility for empowering their organizations to adopt a culture of continuous, pervasive learning.