Cornerstone Galaxy

Cornerstone Launches AI-Powered Workforce Agility Platform

Himanshu Palsule, CEO of Cornerstone London (UK), May 2024 - Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. has announced at its Connect Live World Tour kickoff event in Chicago the launch of Cornerstone Galaxy, an AI-powered workforce agility platform aimed at solving the workforce readiness gap. The workforce readiness gap is created by the pace of change from innovation, market changes, and other factors becoming out of sync with a workforce’s ability to adapt. 

The Workforce Readiness Gap Report, launched recently in partnership with Lighthouse Research, revealed this gap is widening, with 63% of enterprise leaders responding that they don't believe their workforce is adaptable to change and 60% who believe that AI has increased the pace of workplace change.

Cornerstone seeks to resolve this gap by building high-performing, future-ready people and organisations with Cornerstone Galaxy. Organisations can break down their barriers to transformation with Cornerstone Galaxy by identifying skills shortages currently undermining their ability to sustain corporate performance. According to external analyst studies and internal Cornerstone experience measures, an organisation of 10,000 employees can show up to a $7 million impact on their business through workforce agility and improved retention.

Designed with AI powering all aspects of the platform, from administrative workflows to personal development experiences, Cornerstone Galaxy's open and extensible platform, Cornerstone moves beyond traditional learning and talent offerings.

As part of the Cornerstone Galaxy launch, the company has also unveiled four new industry-leading innovations within the platform, including

  • Cornerstone Immerse – The advanced immersive spatial learning solution includes an open-ended, adaptive, generative AI-based companion, dialogue-based experiences, and a content subscription dedicated to extended reality environments.
  • Cornerstone Companion – The AI-powered companion purpose-built for talent development and can help build plans, access knowledge, curate, and build targeted content collections and create job descriptions faster.
  • Cornerstone Talent Intelligence – Building on its powerful analytics and AI engine, in partnership with Visier, Cornerstone Talent Intelligence provides rich, comprehensive data visualisations that connect talent processes to tangible outcomes like retention, skills acquisition, and engagement.
  • Cornerstone Extend – Expanding on hundreds of existing partners, Cornerstone Extend improves usability and access for partners to integrate and showcase their offerings and provide a single point of access for customers to tap into a marketplace of solutions.

"We've long held the belief that when people are at their best, organisations are at their best," said Himanshu Palsule, CEO of Cornerstone. "Today we're making it easier than ever for organisations to elevate their people, support their skilling and development, and transform their workforce to not only meet the ever-changing needs of today's landscape, but also to continually adapt, thrive, and grow. Cornerstone Galaxy provides acceleration for Cornerstone and its customers, offering a holistic and continuous strategy of workforce agility to meet the future."

"Our biggest needs are all people focused," said Derek Blake, Divisional Vice President, Global Learning & Development, Encore Global. "We have to ensure that we retain our top talent, grow their skills, skill up our new talent, and make sure they're all engaged so they stay. These are the things that keep me up at night, and Cornerstone Galaxy helps me sleep better. With Cornerstone Galaxy we can give our people more control over their growth, which means they're more engaged with it, and we have more insights into who on our team is best suited for any role - and it's not always the first person we used to think of."

"Our new research on Dynamic Organisations points out that high-performing companies have dynamic, developmental, and supportive people practices," said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. "Cornerstone's focus on workforce agility is precisely what companies need as the urgency to reskill, redeploy, and reengage workers becomes ever more mission critical."