Grovo Appoints New CLO

Development of Trademarked Microlearning® Solutions

San Francisco, CA (USA), November 2017  Since its inception in 2010, Grovo has used the term “microlearning” to identify its proprietary learner-first, science-backed methodology to make people better at their jobs. Recognizing the company’s longstanding role as a leader and pioneer in creating effective learning experiences utilizing a customizable content library that matches the way people learn, in 2016 the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office awarded Grovo a registered trademark for use of the name Microlearning in relation to its products. 

Looking forward, Grovo recently announced its appointment of Summer Salomonsen as the company’s first Chief Learning Officer. Summer will head the company’s growing Microlearning content and professional services capabilities, leading the company’s team of proven learning experience designers and specialists to build the world’s only adaptive, customizable, and growing Microlearning library.

“With Summer as our first Chief Learning Officer, Grovo will continue to be the industry standard for microlearning by creating a growing, responsive, and integrated library - under our Microlearning trademark - that drives measurable gains in employee engagement and performance. Her learner-first approach, years of hands-on industry experience, and unmatched understanding of learning science will allow Grovo to make its Microlearning method a core part of every organization’s learning strategy. We’re thrilled to have her join the team,” said Grovo CEO Steven Carpenter.

In her most recent role as Principal Consultant at Intrepid Learning, Inc., Summer crafted dozens of award-winning, high-impact, modern learning experiences rooted in cognitive science for leading multi-national organizations, while pursuing her Ed.D in Organizational Change & Leadership from the University of Southern California.

Under Summer’s leadership, Grovo plans to expand its Microlearning library by an additional thousand lessons over the next year, focusing on delivering actionable, persona-based Microlearning experiences that support professionals at every level of their careers. Taking a bottoms-up, learner-first approach, these lessons will also leverage Grovo’s new, best-in-class learning platform and continuously adapt to learner behavior.

Today, Grovo offers thousands of effective, media-rich Microlearning lessons, available off the shelf on its learning-experience platform. Companies including PepsiCo, Chevron, InterContinental Hotels Group, and DDB Worldwide use Grovo’s technology, content library, and professional services as a core part of their overall learning strategy. With the vision and expertise of its new CLO Summer Salomonsen, Grovo will continue to extend its lead and expand what its Microlearning solutions can achieve for the modern professional.