Integrated Service

Digital Content Solution from LEO and RWS

London (UK), February 2018 - LEO Learning, a global leader in learning content and technologies, and RWS, translation and localization experts, have joined forces to launch a complete content and translation solution for organizations seeking to deliver high-quality content in multiple languages.

Leveraging the power of cloud-based authoring tool gomo, the integrated service allows organizations to quickly create and publish high-quality digital content in multiple languages for all devices.

The solution builds on ten years of innovation between LEO and RWS, whose translators and learning experts support hundreds of organizations to meet their global learning and communications goals.

Recognizing the value of combining highly skilled teams with world-leading technology, the partners launch this solution to reduce the time and complexity associated with developing multilingual digital content, while increasing quality and engagement.

For one automotive brand, this solution facilitated the creation and launch of a learning programme, published in eleven languages and distributed to more than 32,000 employees in just six weeks.

"This unique service that we can now bring to market is focused on both speed and quality using new technology to underpin it", said Piers Lea, LEO’s Chief Strategy Officer. "Creating global content that is both translated well and localized can be a major headache. This service is designed to remove the pain and increase the speed and quality at the same time".

Thanks to the power of gomo’s cloud-based technology, content can be created and reviewed in real time by all collaborators, swiftly imported and exported for translation, published with automatic responsiveness on all devices, and downloaded for offline consumption.

Courses can be distributed via an app, website, Intranet or LMS, with L&D teams able to fully track learning outcomes.

With this unique offering, users will benefit from

  • compelling content curation by learning designers with cross-sector experience
  • imagery, video, and animation on all devices, overseen by multimedia experts
  • highly qualified linguists to ensure content can be written once and globally understood
  • a robust, independent linguistic checking process to ensure content is accurate and engaging
  • translation memory tools to reduce time and costs while increasing quality and consistency

"We are delighted to see gomo’s unique multilingual capabilities used to such stunning effect. With gomo, multiple languages can be supported in just one course", said gomo Managing Director, Mike Alcock. "Translation is simple, too, with XLIFF export and import fully supported, meaning the course text, in the master language, can be exported with a single click and sent to a translation agency such as RWS. The author then re-imports the translated content with a single click. It’s that easy".

"For global businesses, localized content is key for successful communications. We are pleased to be partnering with LEO to not only make digital content globally accessible but to reduce the time it takes corporates to get their content to market by leveraging our collective expertise and gomo’s cloud-based technology", said Stuart Carter, Managing Director, RWS Language Solutions.