EssentialSkillz Release New GDPR eLearning Course

Chester (UK), September 2017 - EssentialSkillz, a global leader in online safety training and compliance software, has launched a new eLearning course on a topic on which all organisations in the EU need to ensure they are up to speed this year: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

From 25 May 2018, the new legal framework on GDPR will apply, with organisations failing to recognise the compliance status facing substantial fines. Penalties of up to 4% of an organisation’s global annual turnover or €20 million - whichever is greater - are expected, so it is something all organisations should take seriously, as a fine of this size could end a business.

With just under a year to prepare, EssentialSkillz has launched an eLearning course to help businesses ensure their employees understand the principles of GDPR and to give guidance on how to prepare for the new law’s coming into effect.

The course summarises GDPR, explains how it differs from the Data Protection Act, and details an organisation’s responsibilities when working with personal data. The course lasts fifty minutes and validates the understanding with a test that is recorded against the user’s training profile in the learning management system.

First, the course gives an overview of GDPR and to whom it applies. Secondly, it familiarises users with the role they play, what is defined as personal data, and how to gain explicit consent.

The next part of the course looks at the practicalities of processing personal data under GDPR and how privacy should be the default, incorporated into the design of systems. GDPR includes a new accountability principle for data controllers and processors whereby they must be able to demonstrate their compliance. This makes it important for business owners and HR teams to be aware of how each change in the framework can affect them.

Finally, the course explains the individuals' rights to obtaining information from the data controller and being aware of what it is used for. If these rights are infringed upon, individuals can take legal action against data controllers and processors, so it is crucial for organisations to adhere to the law.

Julian Roberts, CEO of EssentialSkillz, said, "GDPR is a complex subject, and businesses need to start preparing and planning now. It may seem daunting, but with the right training, organisations can be safe in the knowledge that all staff members are educated, and the business is moving towards compliance.

"This comprehensive course is ideal for all employees to provide an understanding of GDPR from every angle, so that they can apply the learning and be confident in building compliance."