Cornerstone Highly Rated

First Scandinavian LMS Report

Stockholm (S), May 2022 - Cornerstone OnDemand, a leader in adaptive HR solutions, is one of the best equipped for the increased demands on skills, learning, and growth in Scandinavia - Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. This assessment was made in a new report by HerbertNathan & Co., who analysed LMS solutions from 17 vendors, all widely available and with a customer base in the region, based on their learning technologies, LMS process support, and scalability.

In this highly digitized part of the world, where remote and hybrid working is the new norm and employee resignation rates are high, learning and development (L&D) has become a crucial part of the business strategy and a necessity to maintaining a competitive edge. Companies can no longer rely on hiring and developing talents as the sole strategy to secure skills supply, but instead must grow and develop existing employees through a learner-centric learning experience. To support this transformation, organizations are looking to invest in more advanced, holistic LMS platforms and develop future proof learning strategies.

HerbertNathan & Co's report points out that user experience and the technology solutions supporting the LMS processes are some of the most important areas to look out for when investing in a new LMS, as this is often what differentiates vendors.

"Workplaces that take a lead in learning and offer re-and upskilling for employees are more likely to stay relevant in their marketplace, stay attractive to new and current employees, and enhance the economic dynamism of their businesses. By doing this, companies also create an ecosystem that ensures all employees are productive and employable in the new world of work", says Terhi Benjaminsson, Senior Manager at HerbertNathan & Co and lead writer of the report.

For more than 20 years, Cornerstone has been innovating industry-leading learning and development technology for thousands of organizations around the world. The company is committed to helping its customers transform their organizations to meet the new challenges of the modern workforce, empower a greater focus on skill building, and offer their people a more personalized experience to engage them on their own growth journeys.

"In this first report by an independent analyst firm on Scandinavia that focuses on LMS systems, HerbertNathan & Co shows that Cornerstone is very well aligned with all of the trends and demands in this highly advanced region,'' said Stefan Robsen, Country Director, Nordic Region at Cornerstone. "We have a strong customer base, with some of them involved in our global product development, so it's an important region for us. I'm very pleased that our continuous focus on innovation, technology, and user experience is acknowledged in this report. It's also great to see such a strong focus on putting the learner at the centre of growth, enabling organisations to become more agile, and helping all employees reach their full potential."