Kaspersky and Area9 Lyceum

Free Course "Stay Safe, Stay Secure"

Copenhagen (DK), May 2020 - Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity vendor that protects over 400 million users worldwide, has partnered with Area9 Lyceum on Rhapsode™, the world’s first four-dimensional adaptive learning platform, to bring you a free thirty-minute adaptive learning course called "Stay Safe, Stay Secure".

Because an increasing number of companies are now switching to remote working (in fact, 75% of companies have expanded their working from home policies) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaspersky, in collaboration with Area9 Lyceum, has released a new complimentary module.

This module will help customers minimize the risk of catching the virus and will show how an employee, even with minimal expertise in IT and IT security, can organize a secure working-from-home environment. The module enhances skills in the most necessary areas, including strong password creation, updating software, and protecting a home wi-fi network.

This course is designed for all who have either switched or will soon be in the process of switching to remote working for the near future - and maybe beyond. The adaptive learning course covers two important areas and is available in English and Russian:

  • Physical Safety - What is COVID-19 and how should we all behave in order to minimize our chances of catching the disease
  • Cybersafety - How we can protect our workplace from cybercriminals as we work from home