openSAP Course

How to Build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI

Walldorf (GER), October 2020 - Many companies are still struggling to meet customer and employee expectations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer experiences have been affected, as service centers were unable to cope with the huge spike in calls due to lockdown restrictions. Some companies failed to provide a new vision of the workplace to employees who were forced into a new way of working, along with the technology necessary to fulfill new requirements.

The world is now conversational, and chatbots have proven effective at delivering high-quality customer and employee experiences. The new openSAP course How to Build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI teaches learners how to create an enterprise-ready chatbot from scratch through step-by-step tutorials, leveraging the different capabilities of the platform.

Using SAP Conversational AI, organizations can address common challenges in employees' day-to-day work, leading to improvements in efficiency, productivity, and engagement, and allowing employees to focus on unanticipated, non-routine, creative, and other higher-order work goals.

SAP Conversational AI is an end-to-end chatbot-building platform that enables users to train, build, connect, and monitor chatbots in a single interface. With low-code connections to SAP and non-SAP solutions, a world-class multilingual natural language processing technology, and embedded analytics tools, chatbots built with SAP Conversational AI are able to guide users to the right content, answer FAQs, and automate tedious tasks.

How to Build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI starts 20 October, and only a valid email address is needed to sign up. The main target group is developers interested in building their own chatbots, but the course is open to everyone interested in learning about SAP Conversational AI.