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Juliette Denny Named eLearning MD of the Year for 2018

Juliette DennyBerkshire (UK), May 2018 - Juliette Denny, Ideologist-In-Chief of the multi-award-winning learning technologies company Growth Engineering, has been named eLearning Managing Director of the Year. The annual Influential Businesswoman Awards were announced, with Juliette Denny earning recognition for being a leading Managing Director in the eLearning industry. She beat a host of top industry talent to secure the prestigious accolade.

The awards have recognised Juliette's contribution to both Growth Engineering and the wider L&D community. As well as being a prominent business leader within the learning technologies space, Juliette is also recognised as a thought leader. She regularly travels around the world to deliver energetic talks and presentations and share content with her audience via the Growth Engineering blog and her LinkedIn profile. She was also recently listed as 36th on the "eLearning Movers and Shakers" list. 

Since founding Growth Engineering in 2004, Juliette has taken the company from strength to strength. Growth Engineering is now regarded as one of the UK's leading technologies companies. They have clients based across the globe and more than forty major industry awards in their trophy cabinet.

Juliette's innovation-hungry approach to learning technologies and laser focus on learner engagement have put her at the forefront of the war against dull online learning. With the recent launch of the Knowledge Arcade - a mobile learning app designed to change behaviour - the future looks bright for Juliette and the Growth Engineering team.

Juliette said of the award, "I am super excited and very proud to have received this honour - especially given the number of supremely talented business leaders within our industry."