Workplace Learning

LPI Announces Formation of Advisory Board

London (UK), February 2018 - The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), a global body for workplace learning professionals, is excited to introduce its new Advisory Board, which has been created to provide strategic guidance and advice to the LPI's management team and Board of Directors.

Members of the new Advisory Board consist of influential business leaders in the learning and development market with a wealth of experience in leading businesses to success in the global marketplace.

The Advisory Board will help shape and develop the Institute's strategy for the global learning community, providing knowledgeable insights and advice as it explores new services, extends into new markets, and makes the best decisions for its members.

The members of the Advisory Board are as follows:

Alaina Burden (nee Fletcher) is a senior global learning architect with a depth of professional experience within strategic design and development of learning products and solutions.

Based in the USA, Bob Mosher is a senior partner and the Chief Learning Evangelist at APPLY Synergies, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping learning organizations design.

Member of the Internet Time Alliance and co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, Charles Jennings is a leading thinker and practitioner in learning, development, and performance.

David Perring has been involved in the field of performance development for over 30 years. He is a fully qualified teacher who has worked in local government training and in telecoms as Head of Learning and Solutions at Virgin Media. He has also been involved in global learning innovation financial services.

Eoin Cahill is a Learning and Development Specialist at Gas Networks Ireland. Previously he served as a Project Manager at Gas Networks Ireland and also Dell EMC.

Based in Spain, Ernesto Barrios has been devoted to supporting people development within international organisations for the last decade.

Fiona O'Shaughnessy is an experienced talent development director, coach, and facilitator with over sixteen years experience in Asia.

Working out of New York City, Jeanne Meister is the Founding Partner of Future Workplace, an HR advisory and research firm providing insights on the future of learning and working.

Josh Bersin is based in San Francisco and is Founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, a leading provider of research-based membership programs in human resources, talent, and learning.

Working out of Singapore, Lori Figueiredo enables organisations to empower people to learn, adapt, and  improve every day through knowledge transfer of Syzygy!® Framework & Tools.

Lorna Matty has applyied more than eight years of specialist human resources knowledge to drive learning-and-development initiatives in key strategic areas.

Mohammad Yassin is the senior training specialist at Elm Company, a leading provider of innovative secure services and solutions to both public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Based in Australia, Michelle Ockers helps leaders to build a high-impact learning and development function. With her guidance, learning can become a key lever to improve business performance.

Piers Lea has worked in distance learning and technology-enabled communications since the early 1980s.

Sheena Whyatt owns Lightning Training, a team of over 180 trainers; she also runs over ten business networking groups in her local area.

Shelley Morris is a Los Angeles-based learning and development professional. She is currently Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Inc.

Simon Gibson has a strong track record of delivering high profile, leading-edge learning and development and organisational development, leadership and talent management, and change and transformation projects within varying organisational complexity.

Based in India, Sunder Ramachandran is an enterprise learning leader with a blend of entrepreneurial and mainstream corporate experience.

Edmund Monk, CEO, LPI said, "As we expand our international presence and work to meet our ambitious growth plans, we look forward to the latest ideas, direction, and contributions from our newly established Advisory Board. We are fortunate to have a diverse, influential, and highly motivated group of individuals from the key markets we serve, so I am expecting a challenging and inspiring 'melting-pot' of ideas from which we can formulate a revolutionary strategy for the learning industry."

Advisory Board members will serve between one and two years, attending four online meetings per year. As previous members retire, new members will be selected to keep the total number at eighteen.