Disruptive Company

MicroLearn Doubles Its Development Team

London (UK), October 2018 - MicroLearn, one of the UK's first developers of microlearning content, has seen significant growth in 2018, with over 250 organisations in the private, public, and not for profit sectors now using the soft skills and compliance bite sized learning.

For organisations looking to engage, develop, and support their learners, MicroLearn's contemporary, video led, high quality resources have helped organisations "re-imagine" their learning provision.

Group Commercial Director Tracy Capaldi-Drewett, a recent addition to the team, said, "In the 25 years I have been working in learning technology, I haven't seen such a rapid uptake of customers licensing learning resources, and this demand is certainly keeping everybody busy." He continued, "What is so encouraging is that customers have found that the rapid ongoing release of new courses from our development team is encouraging them to commit to multi-year agreements."

Alison Soper, Creative Director MicroLearn, added, "MicroLearn's success has always been its great content, but perhaps more importantly, its talented and dedicated team. The investment in time, money, and research, and the recruitment of top designers, writers, and developers, has proved invaluable in producing some of the highest quality microlearning content in the market. With the growth in usage and demand, we've now doubled the size of our team, increasing our brilliant Creative Development department as well as our experienced sales team in Brighton.

"Behind every great product or service is a skilled team of individuals who make it happen. Our Creative Development team has blossomed, welcoming to the team new video producers and content writers. Our sales team has also grown, welcoming on board Anthony Edwards, who is already bringing his industry experience in presenting MicroLearn to a raft of new customers.

"It inspires me every day, working with like-minded creators who passionately share MicroLearn's vision to re-imagine eLearning."

The portfolio of content has grown from 40 to over 130 titles in just 18 months and now covers

  • High demand compliance titles
  • rapidly evolving corporate responsibility resources
  • strength and depth in leadership, management, and interpersonal skills