New Bristol-Based Digital Learning Agency Enters the Market

Henry JodrellBristol (UK), September 2017 - A new digital agency providing bespoke eLearning solutions has been established in Bristol by learning-industry veterans Henry Jodrell and Vicky Jones. 

The brand-new agency has established its base in Bristol. Born from the creative mind of Chairman Henry Jodrell and the vast industry experience of Chief Executive Vicky Jones, Fenturi combines award-winning eLearning with groundbreaking gamification and simulation to help organisations unlock the true potential of their workforce.

On 08 August, Fenturi celebrated the launch of its new brand and website with a networking event in the heart of their new home, a collaborative working space next to St Nick’s market. The choice to settle in the South West and Bristol in particular has proved itself to be a positive decision, with the team already benefiting from the pool of likeminded creative professionals in the local area.

"Businesses in the South West have few options when it comes to digital learning providers that are local to them. By making Bristol our home, we can take advantage of the city’s creative energy, while finally giving organisations in the area an efficient and innovative team they can rely on," says the Chief Executive.

The key difference in Fenturi’s offering exists at every level of the business: the will to challenge and innovate. Having already built an impressive repertoire of clients, Fenturi refuses to go with the flow. Instead, they look for solutions that will transform the learning experience, be it with virtual reality, animations, or gamification. By doing so, they redefine the rules of eLearning, creating a long-lasting impact on an organisation as a whole.

"Fenturi always come with ideas that help us meet our business objectives, no matter how challenging the subject matter," was the testimonial given by a satisfied client upon delivery of its last digital learning project. "Their commitment to innovation is critical."

As Fenturi look to the future for creative methods of engaging the workforce, businesses throughout Bristol are looking to their local digital learning provider to create brilliant experiences that transform the perspectives and performance of their employees.