New Migration Service for Open Source LMS Users

Nottingham (UK), August 2020 - THRIVE, creators of a next generation learning experience platform, have announced a new migration service for all open source LMS users, including Totara, LMS, and Moodle. The first client to make the switch has already seen a 171% increase in engagement.

THRIVE LXP combines the compliance requirements of an LMS with personalisation, social learning, and a consumer grade experience. Many organisations such as Sky,, Sumo Digitalm, and The Ordinary are already using THRIVE LXP to upskill their workforce, improve communication, and increase employee engagement.

With this in mind, the learning technology innovators have announced the details of a new service, inviting all organisations using Totara LMS and other open source learning platforms to upgrade using the innovative THRIVE converter tool.

The migration process is straightforward and painless: THRIVE's converter tool enables a seamless migration that imports all current content and user data and runs it through a personalisation engine. This means learners will only see recommended content that's relevant to them, ensuring the best learner experience from day one.

Great Places Housing Group made use of the migration service and experienced a 171% increase in engagement in just a few months. Naomi Edwards, L&D at Great Places and THRIVE customer commented, "THRIVE was the only platform with which we could get the best of both worlds: We can monitor compliance and provide a social learning experience too. Since switching from Totara LMS, we've seen some amazing results: a 171% increase in engagement; a 33% savings in onboarding time; a 3,083% increase in average content completions; and a 50% savings of our annual L&D budget. It's safe to say we've never looked back!"

Until 01 October 2020, THRIVE is hosting an exclusive offer for all Totara LMS and open source learning platform users to migrate to THRIVE LXP at absolutely no cost until your current contract renewal date is up. After that, THRIVE will even match the price you're currently paying.

Features of the THRIVE LXP migration and contract free period include

  • absolutely zero cost for your fully branded THRIVE LXP until your current Totara LMS contract is up for renewal
  • THRIVE will match the price you're currently paying
  • complete migration of all your content, users, and learning history into the THRIVE LXP
  • full implementation and onboarding workshops
  • full access to the THRIVE eLearning catalogue with 130+ microlearning modules
  • Anders Pink curated content
  • Totara Migration Expert

Sean Reddington, CEO at THRIVE, commented, "We genuinely believe - and now have evidence to show - that moving from Totara to THRIVE can help overcome most organisational training challenges, and we want the world of L&D to experience just how powerful it is.

"A few of us at THRIVE have come from a Totara background, so we understand the frustrations and just how outdated the platform is. With everything happening in the world, it can be a scary time in L&D. At THRIVE we're all about doing what we can to give back, and we want L&D teams to feel the goosebumps by doing things differently. Join us, and we promise to get you excited and inspired by learning again."

To qualify for this new service, your existing Totara LMS contract must be up for renewal within the next 12 months. Following the initial term, it's subject to a minimum two-year agreement with THRIVE LXP.