For High Potentials

Partnership to Accelerate Women's Leadership Development

Gustaf NordbäckLondon (UK), October 2018 - The Above & Beyond Group has formed an international learning partnership with Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance focused on the advancement of women in business. FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance will facilitate and run the leadership programmes of The Diversity Council, a platform and diversity accelerator developed by Above & Beyond Group to address the barriers that obstruct the advancement of more women into top management.

"Our collaboration with The Diversity Council will help accelerate the process of getting more women into leadership," says Gustaf Nordbäck, CEO of FT | IE Corporate learning Alliance. "We share the vision of Tine Arentsen Willumsen, CEO of Above & Beyond Group, of empowering the next generation of leaders. We look forward to bringing the unique insights of the Financial Times and IE Business School to develop high-potential female talents who pave the way as future CEOs."

Above & Beyond Group and Corporate Learning Alliance have created the Diversity Council Advanced Leadership Program for Women, together with a Fast-Track Talent Development Course, which is a one-week learning experience ideal for developing emerging female managers and inspiring them to grow in their organisation.

"As we expand The Diversity Council internationally, we are very excited to fuel this new phase in partnership with Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance," says Tine Arentsen Willumsen. "The alliance brings a unique ecosystem of global professors, thought leaders, and top journalists to our DC Advanced Leadership Program for Women. Together we are set to strengthen the female leadership pipeline throughout the corporate world."

High-potential women from participating Diversity Council companies are selected by their management for the Advanced Leadership Program for Women, an acknowledgement of the confidence placed in them by their CEOs and HR departments. It consists of four modules lasting a total of ten days throughout the year, combining core elements and competencies necessary to be a world-class leader.

The programme is tailor made by FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance. Leadership experts from McKinsey & Co are also incorporated into the programme.

The objective is to empower female talents worldwide by developing them as leaders and amplifying their strengths to attain their highest potential, thereby balancing the gender gap at the top of their organisations.