Airline Training

Peak Pacific, TRU Simulation Announce Strategic MoU

Hong Kong (HK)/ Montreal (CA), September 2018 - Peak Pacific and TRU Simulation + Training have signed an MoU to collaborate on the integration and deployment of training systems along with flight simulator equipment that support airline training operations.

The Hong Kong-based technology enabled learning provider Peak Pacific has been engaged in strategic alliance discussions with the Montreal-based division of TRU Simulation + Training. Now the companies announced the MoU on the opening day of the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) in Singapore.

Peak Pacific Founder & Group CEO, Kishor Mistry, said, "TRU Simulation is focused on bold initiatives to redefine the traditional role that flight training devices have been playing in aviation training. Peak Pacific is very pleased with this new direction that has developed with TRU, given that our corporate strategy is to build solutions with partners focused on meaningful integration with customer training environments. This strategic alliance is aligned to our vision of offering a complete ground-to-air ecosystem for learning and training solutions."

Peak Pacific has developed two critical software tools that complete the training management and analytics eco-system. The most recent is a Simulator Curriculum Design and Development tool for simulator and flight training assessments called "eTo" (Electronic Training Objects). Considered a "last mile" application, eTo is built to connect directly to simulators. The core of this product is an EBT-based analysis capability designed around the simulator lesson curriculum. The eTo application plugs into Peak Pacific's flagship product, CLEAR, which is a comprehensive, EBT-era training management system (TMS), a grading, assessment reporting, and analytics tool that can fully integrate with HR, LMS, and rostering/scheduling systems.

TRU Simulation's Vice President and General Manager (Air Transport Simulation), George Karam, said, "We are working in close collaboration with Peak Pacific and looking forward to strengthening our offerings to customers and integrating with their long-term training roadmaps."