People Success - A New Era for Kallidus

Bristol (UK), September 2022 - Kallidus has unveiled a new global purpose, brand, and website, moving their focus towards connected people success solutions. The new purpose is their guide for this new era: We make people success easy for growing organisations.

The new direction brings together Kallidus's capabilities in recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, core HR, people operations, learning, performance, talent management, and learning content. The new purpose also reinforces their product strategy to build connected people journeys.
Focused on developing talented people at critical moments of growth throughout their lifecycle, these connected journeys enable you to

  • drive continuous engagement through a learning and performance culture
  • find and empower the right people throughout their careers
  • simplify people operations at every touchpoint

Kallidus recognises that the workforce has fundamentally changed: you can no longer invest solely in those on your payroll. Kallidus enables you to support every person who makes up your workforce, be it employees, contractors, franchisees, or partners.

Delivering insights and tools that drive measurable people success within a connected HR and technology ecosystem, Kallidus's customers ensure their people are confident and competent at every stage of their careers.

Stephen Read, CEO Kallidus said, "This is a monumental day for Kallidus, shaping our next phase of growth by delivering truly connected and scalable solutions to organisations ready to invest in their own people's success.
"In a world of such economic uncertainty and change, there are new and different pressures on your people and your workforce. Enabling and retaining your people matters even more in a landscape where there are more jobs than workers; things are evolving constantly for employers and the need to be agile and people focussed has never been more important.
"Whether its onboarding new starters or team members making lateral moves - learning new skills in new areas - your workforce must be engaged and empowered to drive organisational growth. We call that 'people success', and it's the centre of our purpose: We make people success easy for growing organisations.
"Critically, we will continue to make it easy for our customers to deliver people success. We are incredibly proud of our outstanding and intuitive products and a class leading customer experience. Our customer retention and satisfaction rates lead our industry.
"People success is about ensuring your people are successful, competent, and confident in their roles, powering organisational growth, whatever that looks like. Whether your organisation is doubling in size, or you need your people at their best to deliver innovation through a growth mindset, Kallidus can support that."