Clarity Consultants

Performance Management Program for Service Provider

Campbell CA, (USA), November 2017 - Clarity Consultants, a provider of corporate learning and development consultancy, has announced the development of a performance management program for a high-technology service provider client. Several years ago a large high-technology service provider for multinational corporations decided to completely refashion their approach to performance management.

They wanted to develop an entirely new set of HR training modules, to engage employees, and to support a planned increase in the frequency of performance reviews. These training modules would focus on goals and performance reviews, and would be individually tailored to two audiences: employees and managers.

The client had decided to localize the project in four languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German. The Clarity consultant proceeded to develop two highly interactive, animated, and engaging learning modules for the client, in English first. He leveraged his skills with advanced, cutting-edge learning-development software, providing interactive animated video that engaged the user in an immersive learning environment and experience.
He also became familiar with, and used to great advantage for the project, the client's custom, internally developed LMS. The client supplied the audio for the Brazilian Portuguese versions of the training modules. For the English versions, the Clarity consultant recorded the audio himself, and for the French and German versions, he hired and managed French and German voice actors to record the audio.
Herb Tieger, President and CEO of Clarity Consultants says, "The client was so thrilled with the outcome that they requested that the consultant develop four more videos. The Clarity consultant ended up delivering nearly two hours of training videos with animations and audio.  In the six-month project, the client achieved its goal at a significant cost savings, relative to industry averages. This was a win-win for all."