Real-World Interaction

Skillsoft Wins AI Excellence Award for CAISY™

Denver, CO (USA), April 2024 - Skillsoft, a leading platform for transformative learning experiences, recently announced that its AI-powered coaching solution, CAISY™, has been recognized with a 2024 AI Excellence Award by Business Intelligence Group. The award highlights Skillsoft's innovative use of generative AI (GenAI) via CAISY to develop critical communication skills and more effective leaders across the workforce.

Organizations are focused on helping employees improve their interpersonal communication skills to foster effective, real-world interactions and build more resilient leaders and collaborative teams. Skillsoft CAISY eliminates the "trial-by-error" approach in critical workplace conversations by providing a secure environment where employees can simulate discussions, receive real-time feedback, and increase their proficiency in effective communication.

Based on strong customer adoption and to further enhance the learning experience, Skillsoft is unveiling multiple new CAISY features including

  • CAISY™ for You - Highly customized scenarios blending practice and role modeling help employees develop skills tailored to their organization's key needs and use cases.
  • 60+ new learning scenarios - Expanded collection of scenarios spanning leadership, risk, and technology topics - ranging from "Handling a Report of Harassment" to "Discussing Compensation" - prepares employees to successfully navigate a wide range of common, yet complex workplace challenges.

The increasing intricacies of work, unpredictability of social interactions, and pace at which key decisions need to be made are putting a strain on the workforce like never before. This demands innovative training methods that help employees build essential communication skills needed to lead through challenging circumstances with competence and confidence," said Apratim Purakayastha, GM, Enterprise Solutions, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Skillsoft.

"Upskilling creates prepared, resilient employees, and CAISY and our broader suite of AI-powered solutions are the new frontier of interactive learning. We are excited about the impact these capabilities will have on our customers' workforce transformation goals."

GenAI is estimated to add trillions to the economy annually via productivity gains, particularly across business functions including sales, marketing, product development, and customer operations. To prepare the workforce for this shift, Skillsoft has launched multiple learning experiences over the past few months such as its AI-related Aspire Journeys. These role-based and skill-based learning paths allow learners of all levels - including business leaders, marketing and sales professionals, and technologists - to develop a shared understanding of what GenAI is and how to use the technology responsibly, while also cultivating the human skills required to lead through disruption.