New Desktop App

StoryTagger Extends Reach of Employee Storytelling

Brighton (UK), May 2022 - A story first video platform gives organisations the power to unlock vital tacit knowledge and learning experiences on desktop or mobile.

StoryTagger originally launched as a mobile offering in 2019 to make digital learning more human. The video platform democratised how employees share their most valuable experiences on bite-sized videos using smart technology, storytelling, and reflective practice.

With advanced mobile camera technology and interview automation, StoryTagger empowered both frontline teams and knowledge workers to take control of the video storytelling process without the need for 1-to-1 interviews or video production crews.

Responding to burgeoning hybrid work trends, the story-first platform is now releasing a desktop app to increase scale, inclusivity, and the ability to share learning stories even more seamlessly in the flow of work.

The fact that storytelling is essential to learning is well documented, and it's an impactful technique that has been embedded in work culture for millennia through oral traditions and apprenticeship models. However, employees struggle to tell stories using existing enterprise technology, which means that in the age of digital transformation, our most valuable tacit knowledge and lived experiences have become locked up in ever-smaller workplace silos.

Following the pandemic and an increase in hybrid work, more people are now working in different locations and at different times. The familiarity of using web conferencing tools for both work and personal communications means we also have a more “intimate” relationship with our laptop cameras. For many employees, especially knowledge workers, laptops have become the primary working device.

To support this shift in how we work and make it easier for fast changing organisations to scale storytelling, StoryTagger's multi-platform approach gives creators the convenience, confidence, and flexibility to share high-value, on-point stories via their preferred device. All video creators enjoy the same powerful story direction and automated interview process - whichever device they choose.