HS2 Project

Transforming Training Delivery

Ilkley (UK), September 2018 - Two leading training providers, Premier Partnership and Virtual College, have forged an exciting new partnership to bring digital innovation to the learner experience.

The two organisations will work collaboratively to design, build, and deliver bespoke training solutions to a wide range of corporate and public sector organisations, including the UK government infrastructure project High Speed Rail 2 (HS2).

Daniel Braithwaite, Learning Technology Advisor at Virtual College explains, "The HS2 project will involve working closely with subject matter experts to develop a suite of compliance  learning content. This coincides with the HS2 "Year in Compliance" aimed at ensuring that all team members are engaged and working compliantly throughout the year. As a partnership, we are developing engaging learning content using different technologies and innovations including gamification, scenarios, graphical videos, and much more."

Premier Partnership is one of the UK's leading and fastest growing providers of apprenticeships, leadership and management development, and health and safety training. They provide training for employers including local authorities, central government, government agencies, the NHS, and successful private companies.

Virtual College is a multi-award-winning provider of personal and professional online learning solutions, recently winning one of the largest multi-million-pound international online learning projects. Virtual College has been delivering online learning solutions for over 23 years and works extensively across government, the public sector, and the corporate sector.

This synergistic partnership allows both organisations to collaborate on world class learning solutions using each other's expertise and know how in the best interests of learners and customers.

Ken Kane, Commercial Director at Premier Partnership said, "Virtual College will support us in bringing digital innovation into the learner experience and help us (and our programmes) stand out from the competition by delivering engaging, inspiring, and sustainable outcomes."

Hannah Brindle, Managing Director at Virtual College said, "We are delighted to form this exciting collaboration with Premier Partnership. It offers our learners and customers the very best learning expertise to deliver inspiring and impactful learning solutions, supporting both personal and organisational growth".