"Next Normal of Hybrid Work"

Udemy and Betterworks Blend Learning and Performance

New York, NY (USA), February 2021 - Betterworks, a leading strategy execution enterprise software company, has announced a progressive new approach to employee development by integrating its OKR platform with Udemy for Business, a world-class enterprise learning platform powered by Udemy, one of the world's largest global marketplaces for learning and teaching online.

Learning is essential to the employee experience and is a key contributor to employee and enterprise agility. The new product integration allows employees to search, discover, and launch Udemy for Business courses from within the Betterworks interface, as well as link learning progress and outcomes to measurable goals. With this new approach, learning becomes a powerful and visible tool for achieving business objectives across organizations.

For example, after setting an objective (OKR) in Betterworks, employees can link their Udemy for Business courses as a key result for advancing the progress of the OKR. Managers gain visibility into an employee's progress within courses and can track the percentage of completion in real time with Betterworks. As a result, learning is connected directly to business outcomes, and organizations can foster a culture of openness, alignment, and innovation.

"Adding a learning component to performance management means employees move closer to their career aspirations while honing skills necessary for employers to meet their business objectives," said George LaRocque, founder and market analyst from Worktech. "Tying this to OKRs is a smart move that pays dividends to all parties."

Udemy for Business is powered by Udemy, one of the world's largest learning marketplaces. Real-world practitioners can share their knowledge on Udemy; today, more than 70,000 instructors teach over 155,000 courses in over 65 languages. Udemy for Business curates 8,500 of the highest-rated courses from the marketplace, covering the most in-demand professional skills that employees need to become better subject-matter experts, leaders, and collaborators.