Learning Analytics

Zoola Analytics as an Official Extension for Totara Learn

Richard WylesLondon (UK), April 2019 - Totara Learning has added the award-winning Zoola Analytics tool as an official product extension for the Totara Learn learning management system (LMS), further expanding the number of integration options available for the platform. 

Developed by Totara Partner Lambda Solutions, Zoola Analytics simplifies complex learning analytics, allowing organisations to prove and improve the value, impact, and ROI of their learning initiatives.
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology award winners for the last three years running, Zoola Analytics takes the guesswork out of learning experience design, replacing the need for a trial and error approach with data-driven insights.
Getting started with the Zoola Analytics extension is easy, as the tool comes with numerous expertly designed, pre-built templates, meaning users have instant access to reports on some of the most common areas of need. A drag and drop designer makes short work of any additional, organisation specific reports that users may need, and allows admins to quickly build and share reports and dashboards with their teams.
Zoola Analytics is also compatible with xAPI/LRS data and other business systems such as CRM and e-commerce sites, enabling learners and instructors alike to create and access interactive, personalised dashboards containing information that’s important to them within their own unique Totara learning environment.
"We’re very excited to offer organisations using Totara Learn a tool for optimising their learning and training programmes," said Shevy Levy, CEO of Lambda Solutions. "Zoola Analytics was tailor made to address the reporting needs of professional organisations, making it easier than ever to understand, share, and act on data-informed insights into their learning initiatives."
Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning, commented, "Lambda Solutions have been a leading Totara Partner for a number of years, and we’re delighted to add Zoola Analytics to our growing library of product extensions. Zoola increases the range of options available to customers who are looking for advanced learning analytics capabilities."
As an open source platform, Totara offers organisations freedom to customise and extend their learning platform in response to their unique and changing business needs.