Multimedia Knowledge Cards

Microlearning is the Top HR Trend for 2017

Prof. Dr. Peter A. BruckVienna (A), December 2016 - Knowing, not learning, is the goal. The KnowledgeFox learning solution, developed by an Austrian pioneer in microlearning, focuses on results and makes it easy to get them.

Adaptive learning in small steps with smart multimedia knowledge cards on all digital end devices is the solution. Current market studies confirm this path and goal as a top trend for the year 2017. "We make learning playfully easy, using 'homeopathic doses' that can be accessed anytime, thus maximizing the effect. Our solution aims to build up employee knowledge in a motivating manner and sustain it. This is efficient, agile, always up to date, and cost saving", says KnowledgeFox CEO and founder Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, an Austrian communications scientist.

The result of over twelve years of research, KnowledgeFox evolved from a smart prototype into an internationally successful product. Customers such as Samsung and Credit Suisse use microlearning with KnowledgeFox. In 2016, KnowledgeFox won the Brandon Hall Award as "Best Sales Training and Performance Program" in the USA. "Recent studies and market analyses in particular make it clear: microlearning will be the top learning trend in 2017," says KnowledgeFox COO and co-founder Gregor Cholewa.

Leading-edge innovation: learning analytics user-by-user – multimedia knowledge cards

KnowledgeFox combines multiple-choice didactics; algorithm-based learning strategies for various “learning levels”; knowledge-based gamification options (KnowledgeMatch); and learning reminders with smart, multimedia knowledge maps. The solution currently leads the market in innovation. The interactive interface for learners is intuitive, and content creators quickly find their way around the rapid authoring editor. The powerful backend of the client-server system provides user-friendly learning analytics that provide insight into users’ learning activities and knowledge progress.

"The basic unit of microlearning is the smart knowledge card," explains CEO Prof. Bruck. "This differs from traditional learning cards, among other ways, by having four components: question, comment, answer (options), and explanation. Texts, images, audio, and video can be combined via multimedia," says Bruck.