Clarity Consultants

New Training Methodology for Global Pharmaceutical Firm

Campbell, CA (USA), February 2017 - Clarity Consultants has announced a successful training program created for a major global pharmaceutical firm responsible for a drug that fights blood disease.

Clarity Consultants was hired to work as both training and product manager on the firm's technology-transfer project from one of its US factories to a new factory being constructed in Europe. For years, the undisclosed pharmaceutical firm's US factory had been the sole producer of the company's successful drug to combat a persistent blood disease that, at best was a lifelong nuisance and, at worst was potentially fatal.

With the patient population growing, and with the drug's success spurring increasing demand in the global market, the firm decided to expand. The company wanted to identify exactly what was being done at the US site, then train a contingent of several hundred of its European employees so that, upon their return to Europe and completion of the new factory, they could begin operation and production in an immediately successful way.

Upon learning that the US factory operated year-round in three shifts, day, night, and overnight, and were trained only to the tasks for that shift, the Clarity consultant initiated an innovative training methodology that allows for employees in Europe to be able to work on any shift.

The new methodology trains the EU employees in every step of the entire production process for the drug, resulting in the EU factory being able to run with an FTE reduction of at least fifteen percent compared to the US factory. The new training program has also allowed the process time to be cut down by two thirds.

Due to the success of Clarity Consultants' training program, the new drug was approved in rapid succession in Canada, the European Union, and (by the FDA) the US in early 2016. "Clarity Consultants made a huge difference to the program, and we couldn't have done it without them," said the firm's US Training Manager.