Former Danone Head of L&D

Frédéric Hebert Is Chief Product Officer at Rise Up

Frédéric HebertParis (F), April 2024 - Striving to secure its position as a leading learning specialist, learning platform provider Rise Up has designated Frédéric Hebert as the firm’s new Chief Product Officer (CPO). Hebert’s main task in the new role is to drive learning innovation. Having spent six successful years at Danone, he has an extensive background in product development and digital transformation in the L&D context.

Frédéric is embarking on a mission to revolutionise Rise Up’s L&D landscape by empowering its professionals to "own today"; developing transformative EdTech that accelerates time-to-skill by embedding learning into the flow of work (LIFOW); and creating one-to-one learning experiences at scale through adaptive and blended learning technologies.

Frédéric has over fifteen years' experience in digitally transforming HR departments for Fortune 500 companies, and he has worked for large enterprises such as the Renault Group and Alstom. As Head of Digital Learning at Danone, he led the global L&D strategy, enabling the organisation to break into emerging markets while offering new products for clients.

As CPO, Frédéric will be responsible for building and implementing the new product roadmap, as the company aims to eliminate silos in learning by elevating the learner experience through its integration into every business element. This will involve assuring partners' HR and learning ecosystems are in alignment with their independent growth strategies and the development of existing partners, investing in real-time learning, and utilising AI technologies.

Commenting on his new role, Frédéric said, "Making your mark in the technology industry as a scale-up can be challenging, as transformative shifts are becoming a daily occurrence. My motivation is helping to take businesses to the next level, and I'm confident that with Rise Up's unique offering, we can achieve some great things."

The year 2024 is set to be one of growth and innovation for the scale-up, with a series of new product announcements to meet the growing demands of large enterprise customers. Frédéric’s appointment marks a new chapter in Rise Up's journey towards redefining the future of learning and follows their accreditation, for the third year in a row, by The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).