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Global Survey on the Quality of MOOCs Is Launched

Brussels (BE), February 2017 - The unique Global Survey on the Quality of Open Education and Massive Open Online Courses, short MOOCs, is unique. Join our fascinating adventure if you are a MOOC learner, MOOC designer, or MOOC facilitator. Contribute to our main long-term goal: the improvement of future MOOCs by developing quality indicators and tools. "We are very excited to facilitate the quality debate with all interested parties worldwide", emphasises Christian M. Stracke from the Open University of the Netherlands, a MOOC expert.

The importance of the survey is highlighted by the support of the leading associations and institutions, including three United Nations' organizations (UNESCO IITE, ITCILO, and FAO); the International Council for Distance and Open Education; Open Education Consortium; International Community for Open Research and Education; Commonwealth of Learning; European Association of Distance Teaching Universities; European Distance and E-Learning Network; European Association of Technology-Enhanced Learning, Contact North; and many more.

The Global MOOC Survey has now begun and is open until end of March 2017. It is designed and organized by MOOQ, the European Alliance for the Quality of MOOCs. All findings from the scientific, independent, and non-profit effort will be published openly and shared online. Based on the survey results, a Quality Reference Framework with quality indicators and tools for MOOCs will be developed and discussed in close collaboration with all interested stakeholders worldwide. "We will ensure that the next generation of MOOCs will better meet the personal goals and needs of the learners", underlines Christian M. Stracke, the MOOQ coordinator. "Please help us by completing the survey!"