New Research

What’s Next in HR Technology and the Future of Work?

Cirencester (UK), July 2017 - The 2017-18 HR Realities research is now live, continuing the success of the only cross-European insights into HR technology and its impact on the future of work. Led by a leading European HR and learning analyst, Fosway Group, in partnership with HR Tech World, the research is now in its fifth year and is open to HR professionals across Europe and the rest of the world.

Covering topics including strategic HR challenges, employee engagement and wellness, analytics, and emerging technologies such as blockchain and chatbots, the data generated by the HR Realities research captures insight that isn't available anywhere else.

With hundreds of enterprise organisations participating, the research will highlight HR technology priorities for the year ahead.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, comments, "Against a backdrop of increasing innovation in HR technology, it's actually many of the people-first elements of HR like employee engagement, wellness, and employer branding that are becoming business critical. Technology can help transform these areas, but whilst the promise of new apps, tools, and systems might seem exciting, choosing the right ones, understanding the total cost of ownership, and then implementing them successfully is another matter. Thanks to the ongoing participation of the HR community, this research gets beyond the hype to what's really happening, and helps navigate the changing world of work."

Peter Russell of HR Tech World continues, "As HR Tech World continues to expand internationally, it is increasingly important to us to understand the challenges HR professionals contend with when selecting, implementing, and managing an array of technology-led solutions. These technologies should augment what HR is doing, not become a challenge in and of themselves. This research enables our community to keep up with the trends and insights that will help HR technology succeed in practice and helps us to create events that continue to challenge, innovate and inspire HR professionals."

The 2017-18 research is now open, with all respondents immediately eligible to win free attendance at HR Tech World in Amsterdam, 24-25 October 2017. In addition, all respondents will receive early priority access to the research reports when they are published at the end of the year, in readiness for 2018.