Showcased in Training Journal

Cognota CEO's Expertise on Strategic Alignment in Learning Operations

Toronto (CA), March 2024 - "The Strategic L&D Blueprint: Leveraging Learning Operations for Competitive Advantage," published in Training Journal, serves as a comprehensive guide for learning and development (L&D) professionals aiming to integrate their efforts with organizational strategies. The article lays out a clear pathway for L&D teams to transition from traditional, reactive roles to strategic entities crucial to business success.



Connectr Achieves LPI Learning Technologies Accreditation

London (UK), September 2022 - The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI ), one of the foremost accreditation and membership bodies for the learning sector, is pleased to announce that HR technology company Connectr has achieved Accredited Learning Technologies status for the first time.


Virtual Labs

Headstart Studios erweitert Kursangebot für Marketing-Experten

Hamburg, Dezember 2020 - Headstart Studios, die neue Marke für digitale Weiterbildung, verstärkt sein Learning-Portfolio für Marketing-Experten mit eintägigen virtuellen Workshops. Die Workshops, die als Virtual Labs in das Portfolio von Headstart Studios aufgenommen werden, wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit Google entwickelt. Das erste Virtual Lab widmet sich Funnel-Strategien, die auf Googles "See-Think-Do-Care"-Framework basieren. Die TeilnehmerInnen lernen in diesem Workshop, auf welche Signale es bei der Gestaltung von Online-Marketing-Kampagnen ankommt. Ein weiteres Lab zum Thema Marketing Data steht in den Startlöchern.  


Modern Workplace

LPI launches updated Capability Map

London (UK), October 2018 -  The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is excited to announce that its Capability Map has been comprehensively revised and refreshed to map the skills needed to deliver effective learning in today's modern workplace. The internationally developed framework and self-assessment tool has been updated to meet the current needs of L&D professionals.



Digital Learning Assets Redefined

Phoenix, AZ (USA), February 2018 - How content is made, managed, and measured is a frequent source of confusion and frustration across the eLearning industry. Matching business values with training outputs is a constant challenge for learning projects. Until now this was a largely unsolvable problem due to the lack of rigorous definition of needs, audiences, or even what "training" itself is and how it differs from more general forms of information.


Blackboard Ranked First

To Partner with Blackboard without Additional Tender Process

London (UK), April 2017 – Blackboard Inc. has announced that it was awarded the framework contract for the provision of virtual learning environment (VLE) solutions and services to Scottish institutions by APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) Limited, the procurement centre of expertise for all of Scotland’s universities and colleges. 


Create eLearning

Re-Confirmed as Meeting the ISO 9001 Quality Standard

Glasgow (SCT), June 2016 - Create eLearning, a mobile-friendly eLearning-portal producer, has passed its ISO 9001 surveillance audit. ISO 9001 is a quality-management standard that helps organisations demonstrate that they deliver a consistently high level of service.