Swiss EdTech

A New EPFL Incubator for Education Technology

EPFLLausanne (CH), June 2017 - EPFL’s new Swiss EdTech Collider will be home to around thirty startups involved in developing new education technologies. This co-working space, which was recently inaugurated, will give these companies the chance to enhance their visibility among both clients and investors and to generate synergies. The startups will also have the opportunity to become involved in the cutting-edge research conducted by EPFL professors who specialize in education technology.


Norway Beckons

LINQ and WLS 2017: Final Programme Published

Heerlen (NL), May 2017 - The final programme for the World Learning Summit 2017, 07-09 June 2017 in Kristiansand, Norway, has been published. Exciting keynotes, interactive workshops, scientific research, EdTech experiences, and innovative projects provide many reasons to attend WLS 2017. 


EdTec Startup Dialog 2017

Die besten Ideen für digitale Bildung in Deutschland

Mannheim, Mai 2017 - Am ersten Tag des Nationalen Digital-Gipfels der Bundesregierung, am 12. Juni 2017, findet eine praxisorientierte Veranstaltung zu "Ideen, Konzepte und Lösungen von Start-Ups für intelligente Bildungsnetze in Deutschland" statt. Nachwuchsgruppen aus der Wissenschaft, Start-Ups und Jung-Unternehmen sind eingeladen, ihre innovativen Vorhaben, Mockups, Demonstratoren und Lösungen für Lernende und Lehrende, für Schule, Hochschule und Unternehmen vorstellen und mit Expertinnen und Experten aus Digital- und Bildungswirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Bildung, Politik und Verbänden zu diskutieren. 


Introducing Global Filter

Personalized Learning Paths in Thirty Seconds

Global FilterLondon (UK), November 2016 - Award-winning adaptive training provider is launching Global Filter, a new learning-recommendation engine set to disrupt the EdTech and training industries. This brand-new product solves one of the biggest headaches for enterprise-level learning and-development-practitioners: overload. Staff are overwhelmed with huge libraries of learning assets that quickly become obsolete.