Training Orchestra

Major Software Upgrade to Further Simplify Training Management

New York, NY (USA), June 2017 - Training Orchestra has announced a major upgrade that adds new features to its training-resource management system (TRMS), making training management even simpler.

Training Orchestra's customers already have the world's most advanced TRMS, offering a comprehensive web solution to manage the whole training process, from scheduling and registration to resource management and invoicing.

The recent release includes two new features for training providers needing fast and error-free training-management cycles. It allows them to more easily establish project timelines with specific milestones, as well as to directly store and manage all external documents within the system.

"These powerful new features reaffirm Training Orchestra's position as a world leader in training-management innovations," said Stephane Pineau, CEO, Training Orchestra.

"This upgrade gives training providers more of the functionality they need to easily manage all of their training operations on a timely basis with increased efficiency."

The project-timeline-management feature is a rich and intuitive tool to set up task lists, reminders, and actions to take for each business process (for example, session organization, registration, and invoicing management) with specific milestones and deadlines. This enables organizations to secure the training process to ensure adherence with compliance requirements, while easing collaboration among various team members with alerts and reminders.

The electronic-document-storage feature allows management of all external documents related to training processes. Training administrators can now save attachments and documents pertaining to different elements (including training sessions, instructors, clients, and trainees), with file versioning.

Documents automatically created by Training Orchestra's TRMS - sales quotes, invoices, and reports - are also stored.

A powerful search tool is available to quickly find any saved document in the system. This provides the opportunity for organizations to streamline the process by enabling the scanning of documents to automatically receive them into the system. Ensuring safe storage, this feature also supports an overall "paperless" approach to meet documentation requirements and to ensure easy access to those documents in the future.

These features further contribute to making Training Orchestra's TRMS an ideal solution for any large-scale training provider seeking to streamline their processes.

"At PwC's Academy, we focus on creating individual and collective 'learning journeys' over the long term for our clients. Training approximately 10,000 people per year, we needed a solution to efficiently manage all the back-office processes and spend as little time as possible on logistics while optimizing our resources," explained Nicolas Lefevre, Partner at PwC in charge of PwC's Academy.

"Training Orchestra's unique capacity to understand and adapt to the needs of a large and complex training organization, its business model, and its sales cycles truly made the difference."