Mid-Sized Organisations

Cornerstone's New Learning Fundamentals Solution

Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer at CornerstoneLondon (UK), April 2024 - At Learning Technologies, Cornerstone On Demand Inc., a market leader in learning and talent solutions, announced the launch of Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals. This quick-to-deploy all-in-one learning and skilling solution advances performance and productivity within mid-sized organisations.

Learning Fundamentals combines out-of-the-box, prepackaged learning management products and services, expertly curated learning pathways, and a consumer-grade learner experience optimised specifically for mid-sized organisations to transform learning and development.

Mid-sized organisations need to deploy training and provide development opportunities to retain their high performers, just like larger enterprises, but smaller dedicated teams make this harder to do. Learning Fundamentals solves the constraints on mid-sized organisations by providing an all-in-one solution that is easy to administer, has a short deployment time, and offers personalised and engaging learning experiences to their employees.

With Learning Fundamentals, organisations with fewer than 5,000 users can gain access to a comprehensive suite to

  • deploy job training and fulfil compliance needs with best-in-class learning management solutions, services, and reporting
  • access highly engaging content courses from award-winning providers on topics such as change management and productivity. AI maps skills to content and assists in curation, enabling small teams to make a big impact
  • create and equip internal experts to share context-specific content and lead academies on business-critical skills with easy-to-use tools for content creation and curation
  • empower employees to own their development with an engaging, self-directed, social and collaborative experience, personalised by AI for their role and career aspirations
  • support and develop people managers with active engagement in academies, led by internal experts and with pre-built pathways on key management skills. Managers can also coach development with a dashboard that makes it easy to see their team's skills and goals and make recommendations
  • onboard new employees with pre-built learning pathways on key skills. New-to-the-workforce hires can learn about effective communication, active listening, and managing up with pathways designed for people just starting their careers.

Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer at Cornerstone said, "According to our research, 41 percent of employees don't believe they have what they need to develop their skills, and 65 percent are seeking additional learning content."  He added, "While organisations want to provide this to their employees in order to improve productivity, alignment and employee enrichment, they need a solution that helps them ramp up quickly and grows with their changing needs.

"Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals is poised to address these needs head-on, providing mid-sized organisations with a 'just right' solution to deliver essential training while fostering a personalised and collaborative learning environment with consumer-grade experiences."