A Comprehensive Guide on AI In Corporate Learning

London (UK), August 2019 - Valamis, a global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development, has announced its latest white paper as an answer to the increasing trend of AI in the learning market.

AI is a term that is used frequently and in many contexts, but it is hard to find a proper definition or a clarification of the advantages of using it. This new white paper is a comprehensive guide that has been developed to fill in the blanks for any organization interested in AI for their own purposes.

The guide provides insights into AI and instructions for different approaches to implementing it. It also contains valuable tips on how to utilize the results in order to achieve high performance in business and learning.

Multiple experts from various fields have contributed their knowledge to make this guide the most substantiated piece of information on AI available.

"Even if an organization decides to utilize AI, it is hard to find reliable knowledge on this topic. The implementation of complex technology such as AI can burn huge amounts of money for a mediocre result if it is done the wrong way. We want to provide our experience and know-how to those who are willing to get started on the matter and present them some valuable hints and step-by-step guides that will improve the results and save them money in the long run." Janne Hietala, co-author of the white paper and CCO of Valamis.

The guide contains

  • a clear definition of the term artificial intelligence
  • manuals on how to build AI for learning purposes
  • tips on how to use AI to achieve high performance in corporate learning
  • tips on how to achieve high performance in business by leveraging AI capabilities
  • the value and usage of AI chatbots as learning assistants