Six Detailed Steps

Guide Demonstrates Hassle-Free Ways to Switch LMSs

CoverHong Kong (HK), October 2017 - A new Insight from NetDimensions makes it easier for L&D teams to implement a new learning management system (LMS). Many learning directors, training directors, and human resource management professionals now have a valuable resource in their quest for an up-to-date online training system. NetDimensions has just published a comprehensive step-by-step Insight into switching from an outdated or limited legacy LMS.

The information contained in the Insight lays out the path professionals can take to make the change to a new, cloud-based and mobile-friendly system – making all the difference for training professionals as well as their learners.

At a time when engaging, mobile-friendly eLearning has become increasingly vital for corporate training because of its geographical reach, flexibility, convenience, and cost effectiveness, many professionals are not able to take advantage of these features because of an outdated legacy system.

Readers will discover the six detailed steps to switching to a new LMS, from the initial decision making to going live.

The Insight's topics include

  • planning for your new system
  • understanding and implementing your data migration
  • testing and increasing user acceptance

The Insight also walks readers through what some find the most difficult part of switching: the data-migration process. In most organizations, original data is stored in different applications, supported by different vendors, or kept on separate computer hardware that is managed and operated by different employees. How do you begin to migrate to the new system? Readers discover the steps that lead to data-migration success, beginning with defining the data sets requiring migration to mitigating the risk of data loss.

"I have talked with many training directors who are feeling 'stuck' with their old legacy systems that just cannot perform like our newer, cloud-based applications. These offer innovative LMS features, mainly in regard to mobile learning, which is one of today's fastest-growing areas in learning consumption," said Bill Mastin, Senior VP of Global Sales at NetDimensions.

"Their number-one fear is migration," Mastin continued. "With a guide such as the one we've just published, they can download it, read it, and offer it to their colleagues as a guide to migrating and implementing a new, robust system that will benefit them, as well as those they are training."