Larmer Brown

The Value of Performance Support in a New Guide

Hampshire (UK), February 2018 - Larmer Brown has published a guide to performance support that will be available to visitors at Learning Technologies. Entitled "How to Achieve Real ROI using Performance Support", the guide challenges traditional training methods and advocates "just-in-time learning", discussing what makes performance support effective and how to measure return on investment.

The free Guide, entitled "How to Achieve Real ROI using Performance Support", challenges traditional methods of training and advocates "just-in-time learning". It is intended as a guide for businesses looking to leverage the preferred learning style of their users via the latest technological offerings, covering topics such as what makes performance support effective and how to measure its return on investment, as well as looking at future trends. 

Larmer Brown’s Managing Director, Janice Brown, an advocate for the value of performance support, explained, "Organisations are finding it harder to justify their workforce spending time 'off-the-job' undertaking lengthy training programmes; they need to find ways to make learning more efficient. Performance support is about enabling learners to source exactly what they need, when they need it, reducing business costs by providing access to valuable learning content on the job. Performance support is not new, but new technologies and user expectation are driving changes." 

In October 2017, Larmer Brown launched the Larmer Brown Platform, a new subscription-based learning platform for content creation and deployment. Encompassing a range of complementary products and services, the platform helps organisations to manage all aspects of learning, including three types of Performance Support.