Change Management

Webinar Reveals ELS’s Expertise on Change, Risk, and Benefits

Oxfordshire (UK), September 2017 - Effective change management was the subject of a recent webinar led by Cath Convery and Julie Dungate of the learning-and-development consultancy Explosive Learning Solutions (ELS). The event was organised by the global accreditation and examination institute APMG International.



Digital Short Track – Der kompakte Überblick

Bonn, Mai 2017 - Welchen Einfluss haben disruptive Technologien auf Geschäftsmodelle und internen Prozesse? Wie befähigt man Mitarbeiter, das Unternehmen mitzugestalten? Wie wird das Unternehmen zum digitalen Vorreiter? In der eintägigen Veranstaltung von T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Digital Hub Bonn und Synergie im podium49 "Digital Short Track – Der kompakte Überblick für Ihre Digitale Transformation" wird am 30. Mai 2017 erarbeitet, welche Chancen und Risiken neue Technologien mit sich bringen. 


Change Cube

E.ON’s Time of Transformation

Sue Woods, Global Learning Media Expert at E.ONEssen (GER) / Luzern (CH), April 2017 - E.ON is one of the world’s largest energy providers. It was founded in Essen, Germany in 2000 and has over 40,000 employees worldwide. Due to the current energy transition and legislative changes in Germany, E.ON is undergoing structural and operational changes. Its employees now face the challenge of having to keep up with the transformation. getAbstract, with its concise and up-to-date business summaries, has been an important companion through the transition.


Modern Workplace Learning

The Problem of Learning habits - Change Requires Time

Hedwig SeipelBensheim (GER), Dezember 2016 - With the advances in digitalization, modern workplace learning is increasingly becoming a focus of theories on the transformation of learning processes in companies. To make the successful leap from theory to practice, though, our beloved learning and teaching habits have to be reexamined and changed. Digital learning designer Hedwig Seipel will give her views on how this can be done constructively at the LEARNTEC congress.



Whitepaper to Support Change-Management Initiatives

Russell Kenrick, Managing Director of ILXLondon (UK), May 2016 – ILX, a global best-practice learning company, has released a new whitepaper entitled "Middle Management and Their Influence and Impact on Organisational Change". It looks at how organisations can better utilise valuable skills and knowledge in middle-management layers as instruments for successful change initiatives.


Best-Practice Methods

New ILX Training Courses to Boost Change Management

Russell KenrickLondon (UK), May 2016 – ILX, a global best-practice learning company, has announced a range of new courses for individuals and organisations looking to boost their change-management and project-management skills. The ILX courses include APMG-International Change Management TM Foundation, APMG-International Change Management TM Foundation & Practitioner, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, and Project Management Professional (PMP)®.