Sales Training

Take Part in a Brandon Hall Group Survey

Delray Beach, FL (USA), June 2016 - Brandon Hall Group invites you to participate in a survey regarding your perceptions of sales-training providers. Also, please feel free to share it with colleagues you feel are qualified to complete it. This survey was created to uncover the latest trends in evaluating sales training providers and identify key indicators for why organizations use sales-training providers.


Report from Rosetta Stone

90% Recognise the Need for Professional Development

London (UK), May 2016 - Thirty percent of HR experts believe improvement is needed to better align learning and development (L&D) with business objectives, a new survey from Rosetta Stone and the CPD Standards Office reveals. It shows that while 90 per cent of businesses recognise the need for professional development and training, it’s not always provided: 27 per cent of HR decision makers admit they don’t offer it but acknowledge that they should. 


Education Trends in Europe

New ETUCE Survey Reports Ring an Alarm Bell

Brussels (BE), May 2016 - The ETUCE has published two new survey reports, available on the ETUCE website, on the "State of Funding in Education, Teachers’ working conditions and Trade union actions, Social dialogue and Collective bargaining". One deals with Central and Eastern European countries and the other with Western European lands. The two reports are a comprehensive "state of play" that combines the outcomes of eight years of economic crisis and fiscal consolidation measures on public finance of education systems, teachers’ working conditions, the role of teacher unions, and the major trends in social dialogue and collective bargaining.



"The LMS: Are We Experiencing a Sea Change?"

London (UK), April 2016 - It has been estimated that the LMS market will grow to $7.8 billion in 2018. But what is the current state of the LMS market, and where is it expanding? To answer this question and many others, Saffron Interactive surveyed professionals across multiple industries on their current learning platforms. In its white paper "The LMS: Are we experiencing a sea change?" Saffron analyses the results of this survey and tries to discover what customers really need from a learning platform.



What Corporate Strategists Too Often Get Wrong

Corporate StrategyLondon (UK), April 2016 - CEOs and their staff must ask themselves if there are good reasons for taking certain paths and avoiding others. A new book by Professor Phanish Puranam from INSEAD and Professor Bart Vanneste from UCL School of Management provides these corporate strategists with the tools needed to understand the alternatives that lie behind major strategic choices.


Staff Appreciation Audit

Positive Trend in Employee Recognition

Milton Keynes (UK), March 2016 - Employers have capitalised on "good will" at the start of 2016 by better recognising staff members for their efforts, according to findings from a new survey from award-winning performance-improvement agency P&MM.  The survey was conducted among 1,435 employees across 52 UK organisations between January and February 2016. It revealed that 87 percent of staff felt appreciated by their colleagues and 85 percent by their direct managers. However, the data also suggests that senior leaders are lagging behind in their recognition efforts, with only 57 percent feeling appreciated by senior management.



Better Health and Safety Practices in the Workplace

Milton Keynes (UK), March 2016 - P&MM, an award-winning performance-improvement agency, has released a new guide that reveals workable strategies for driving better health and safety practice in the workplace through advanced reward and recognition techniques. The document is entitled "An advanced guide to health and safety recognition in the workplace". » MORE

Latest Report

Independent Report Identifies the World's Top LMS

Craig WeissSimi Valley, CA (USA), March 2016 - A thorough, independent analysis of 690 of the world's leading learning management - and related - systems (LMSs) has identified the top performing fifty. Published by eLearning 24/7, the report is a key tool for LMS buyers and is the work of the internationally known corporate online-learning-industry analyst Craig Weiss. For the last two years, Craig has been named the most influential person in the world of corporate online-learning-technologies in an independently produced industry list. » MORE


How to Use an LMS to Reduce Staff Turnover

Glasgow (SCL), March 2016 - A learning-management system (LMS) can save the average business a great deal of time and money, according to the results various research projects brought together in an e-book by Create eLearning. » MORE

Essential Skills

Ken Blanchard's First-Time Manager

Guildford (UK), February 2016 - The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a global leadership-development and management-training company, has released First-time Manager, its new training programme built on the time-tested secrets of The New One Minute Manager. » MORE